Digital Development

Digital Development

We Deliver Innovative Applications to meet the most Challenging Requirement

Today, more and more businesses are moving to digital applications and cloud based IT solutions. At Hunter Macdonald we understand the challenges of migrating from inflexible, dated applications and processes to responsive, cost-effective and efficient digital solutions. We will work with you to develop your digital strategy that will accelerate your business and future-proof your systems.

For any organisation who is embarking on, or already on a digital transformation journey, selecting the right digital service solution partner who can rapidly create or understand your digital strategy, embed the necessary skills and drive the transformational change is essential. We believe we are that partner.

We understand that digital development requires financial investment and can often be a burden on time and resources for already over-stretched IT departments. However, digital migration and development is now essential to enable your business to remain competitive. Our expertise across a wide range of FTSE 100 and Public Sector organisations has allowed us to develop robust and rapid engagement models to help deliver your digital services and we understand that one size does not fit all.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Working across many sectors and technologies, our architects, designers and developers have extensive experience creating digital strategies for businesses, regardless of size, existing systems and infrastructure or budget.  Using this experience, they design innovative and high quality solutions that will enable you to outperform your competition and improve productivity.

Our Solutions

From simple web and mobile applications, to more complex secure scalable services that require legacy and new systems integration, data migration and complex business process services, Hunter Macdonald can deliver all of your needs in a cost effective and efficient way.

We develop solutions that will integrate seamlessly with both your existing and new systems. Our view is to give you the tools to drive additional opportunities and create efficiencies that benefit your entire organisation. We will develop applications so they fit all the business drivers and requirements that you define, leaving you with a tailored, working solution and not simply a new tool.

Our team

At Hunter Macdonald our expert team of on/offshore developers and digital architects work with your business to develop a flexible, bespoke digital strategy. Based in the UK, with two centres of excellence in Vietnam, our well-established team will work seamlessly together to make the very best of your investment. Our approach is geared towards cost effective delivery of a scalable digital environment for your business. Using our experience, we work with you to advise on the most effective digital strategy for your business, pinpointing where you can realise additional benefits as well as avoid ineffective channels.

Ensuring certainty

We carry out comprehensive discovery exercises to ensure there are no surprises when it comes to delivering your product. We minimise the total cost of development and support by adopting a ‘Right First Time’ approach, thus minimising costly reworking and significantly reducing time to delivery.

To understand more how our Digital Development services can benefit your organisation, please get in touch on 0800 5677196 or use our contact form.