Systems Integration

Systems Integration

If your organisation is going through, or about to embark upon complex change, where a large number of people are affected, business processes are being transformed and new technology is being implemented, our Systems Integration (SI) Services will deliver outcome certainty to your programme.


What is Systems Integration and how can it help?

To any organisation, a large transformational programme is the equivalent of rebuilding a boat after it has set sail and presents a minefield of risks to mitigate. The task of systems integration – managing all the technological and organisational dependencies through the change can grow quickly out of control.

Starting to execute a programme without meticulous planning often uncovers unforeseen risks because of the changes driven at the complex intersection of people, systems, processes and commercial contracts. The impacts of this are greatly amplified at large scales. Without a robust SI strategy in place, the unforeseen risks become barriers that stall programmes and prevent delivery of the outcome on time and to budget.

The role of a Systems Integration partner is to deliver real technology transformation using deep experience in identifying and overcoming the complex issues that can occur, not only internally but across your supplier and client ecosystem.


Common warning signs you need Systems Integration help

The majority of the organisations using our Systems Integration services have some or all of these four attributes:

  • Fragmented IT systems that require consolidation.
  • Inefficient business processes that require optimisation.
  • Excessively costly support charges for existing systems.
  • Stalled or late transformational work.


Choose a capable Systems Integration partner

Systems Integration is a core competency of Hunter Macdonald with c. £2.5bn of programmes under our control. We are experts at managing the challenging mix of different technologies and suppliers, people and process change to ensure your transformational objectives are effectively delivered.


Our unique approach to Systems Integration

We have developed a unique, tried and tested methodology for systems integration. To build deep understanding of your objectives and your organisation’s current capacity to achieve them, we start by looking at your organisation and it’s capabilities in the context of the desired end state through our 31 point ‘Programme Analysis and Review Framework’. This analysis enables us to plan and agree — in partnership with you — the best course of action to meet your goals.

Benefits of Our Systems Integration Services include:

  • Driving strong engagement to review the best way to achieve success.
  • Jump-starting stalled programmes or course-correcting wayward ones though accelerated implementation of action plans developed from quantitative analysis results.
  • Assured quality from our experience in a large number of programmes.
  • Certainty throughout the process due to tailored implementation plans based on deep analysis of your organisation.

Our approach will provide you with the start you need, or the revised approach we recommend, to ensure your transformational change is a success.

We offer true fixed-price, outcome-based commercials, ensuring we are always fully motivated to deliver your objectives and to meet or exceed your expectations.


‘One Team Working Together’ Philosophy

We recognise that due to complexity and the number of stakeholders, large transformational programmes often carry a high risk of failure. Involving yet another ‘partner’ to the mix may not seem like a good idea.

However, our unending aim is to be the partner you can trust to deliver –  so while we take complete ownership and accountability for your programme from the start, we aim to integrate seamlessly with your teams, augmenting their capabilities and creating well-defined roles and responsibilities.  We find that this enhances feelings of ownership that may be missing and drives personal accountability to achieve results throughout the programme.

We take it as a huge compliment when a client tells us that working with us is like working with ‘one of their own’. The success we achieve together is deservedly felt by all, while the responsibility of ensuring we get there is ours alone.


Why Hunter Macdonald?

We offer you the safety-net of a highly experienced team, used to delivering exceptional results under the pressure of large, high-profile transformational programmes, often where other IT transformation companies struggle.

We set our standards very high and our teams are selected from the best talent available. The majority of our staff have held senior and highly technical positions at some of the most prestigious organisations in the world with enviable track-records of success. They all possess the human qualities needed to lead very large teams, difficult suppliers and demanding clients as well as the determination to deliver to the most demanding of requirements.

While we are committed to growing grass-roots talent, we’ll never put anyone without the necessary baked-in skills and experience in place – ensuring we always deliver a first-class result for you.

We will lead where others fear to tread and we truly believe we can help you succeed.

You can read more about our approach to true partnership here.


Trust us to help deliver your big success

We have helped both government and private-sector organisations around the world deliver cost-effective IT solutions using our unique model.

When you trust in Hunter Macdonald, you can be sure your delivery objectives will be met.

To discuss any problem you are currently having with systems integration or to plan your next transformational project call us now on 0800 567 7196 or use our contact form.