Technical Delivery

Hunter Macdonald Provide the Capability to Deliver Innovation for your Organisation.

Our teams will work with you to define the technical delivery model that is right for your organisation and the specific issue you are trying to solve. Our preference is to take your operational issue, or CIO aspiration, and assume full ownership to deliver it as an outcome based work package. However, we can also provide technical experts in specific areas, run discovery projects or help to define the work package that works for your organization and structure.

Our teams have extensive experience across technologies and delivery models, moulding our proven delivery processes to meet your governance structure. Our confidence in our teams and methodologies means you can “Judge Us On Our Delivery” – and we offer fixed price and risk and reward models to give you the delivery assurance. We can undertake all aspects of the technical implementation, or commonly where existing support providers are already in place for specific systems, we work directly with your suppliers to manage the changes required.

We can upgrade your ‘legacy’ IT systems to ‘state-of-the-art’ infrastructure, deliver programmes, upgrade applications, consolidate systems, tools or domains, or migrate what you use today to better platforms or the cloud, giving you the scale and flexibility you need for the future. We can happily provide case studies of our expertise across the majority of your technical delivery needs. We have the flexibility to investigate the less mainstream issues, like the application server no one can tell you anything about which is stopping your datacenter migration.

Ensuring your success

Our main model of growth is through building a true partnership with the organisations we work with and becoming the supplier of choice for further work. We do this by doing what we say we will and delivering it well. Our teams are motivated to finish on time with good customer feedback, not to increase the scope of work through change requests. Our teams understand that they may be there to meet a certain goal or solve a specific issue, however the legacy of their delivery will be ability of the support team or supplier to maintain and extend the solution in the future. We work directly with your support teams and suppliers to ensure a smooth handover with all documents and artefacts up to date and accepted.

Security Specialism

If you have secure requirements, 75% of our programme managers and consultants are SC cleared. Hunter Macdonald will work with your IT and security teams to complement and assist. This could include taking responsibility for a complete set of security functions for a project, such as penetration testing and CLAS consultancy activities, or providing insights into an ongoing project.

You can be confident that we are committed to surpassing your expectations and that every member of our team is as passionate about your business as you are.

To learn more about our technical delivery solutions or to speak to an IT services expert call us on 0800 567 7196 or use our contact form.